Our 3-Day Story

Hall of Fame

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We compared battle wounds over a tasty dinner of baked chicken with potatoes and green beans, salad, biscuits and fruit cobbler. Colleen had tried to work through the pain in her feet, but her blisters had done a number on the skin of her toes. (There are pictures on page 12, just to warn the squeamish.) Michelle made it through the day, but had some pain behind her right knee. She had, however, discovered the restorative powers of Ben Gay on the bottoms of the feet, which was put to good use the next day. Sarah was hungry and exhausted, and the hives — some sort of allergic reaction to something — had spread from Lynn's feet up her legs and onto her neck and arms. Again, we forewent the evening's entertainment (a '70s cover band), and crashed in our tents.