Our 3-Day Story

Hall of Fame

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It was an incredible journey. We may not all have walked every mile, but we finished together, and the event raised a total of $6.5 million dollars to support the search for a cure. We learned to listen to our bodies and to take care of ourselves. We confirmed that blisters are better than chemotherapy, and that there is a community of women and men who are committed to eliminating the need to even have a 3-Day in the future.

As Michelle reflected in the hours following the event, "I can't believe I just did that!" I don't know that any of us are anxious to make another attempt at the 60 miles, but we've all said that being a crew member, and supporting other walkers the way we were supported on our journey would be fun. It wasn't easy, and at some times it wasn't even fun, but it was a bonding experience for us, one that made us all feel strong and empowered, and that we'll never forget.