Our 3-Day Story

Hall of Fame

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The beginning of the route took us out through the Kane County Fairgrounds and back down Main St. in St. Charles. Before we had even gone a mile, Sarah and Michelle stopped off at White Hen for a little carbonated caffeine, and we soon met another traffic crew member, Thing 2. The traffic crew were stationed at key busy intersections and both guided us across the street and made sure cars could still move in spite of the 2410-person line on the route. Once the last walker passed each traffic crew member, they would get on their motorcycles and drive ahead to their next stops. We got to know those faces very well over the course of the three days.

We've included a "before" picture of the duo we came to know as the Grumpy Old Men, even though they were neither grumpy nor particularly old. They were the husbands of a couple of walkers, and every day they would find a few places along the course to stand and cheer us on. You knew that when you finally saw them at the end of the day, you were almost done. Over the course the 3-Day, they accumulated quite a collection of pink beads, feathers, pins, ribbons, pom-poms and leis. Watch for the "after" picture.