Our 3-Day Story

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The first day was rough. There's just no other way to put it. For some reason that we still haven't been able to determine, the staff and crew were having a food distribution problem that left those of us at the back of the pack without snacks at Pit Stop 1 or the first Grab & Go station. By the time we reached Pit Stop 2, even the '70s decor and music and enthusiastic crew couldn't overcome our disappointment and incredulity that we had come 9.6 miles and hadn't had anything to eat. The late start to Opening Ceremonies meant that by the time we had covered that distance, breakfast was seven hours in the past, and while we were all hungry, Sarah needed to eat. We stopped at a True-Value hardware store on the route and were able to buy some crackers, but we were tired and grouchy and felt a creeping disappointment that this event was not going to measure up to everything it had promised.