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Luckily, we found redemption at Pit Stop 3's fiesta in the form of Uncrustables. The food problem had been resolved, and there was plenty for us to eat: oranges, bananas, carrots, potato chips, pretzels, sports bars. So why, you might ask, of all these things would we choose Uncrustables?

(For those of you who aren't familiar with these, um, things, they're a convenience food product by Smuckers. Imagine taking a couple pieces of white bread and slathering both sides with peanut butter before sandwiching a big dollop of grape jelly in the middle and cutting off the crusts and sealing the bread with a big round cookie cutter. Then imagine taking one of these things out of the freezer and letting it thaw for a few hours, and taking the neither stale nor soggy bread pocket out of its little plastic package and digging in. That's an Uncrustable.)

None of us were particularly big fans of peanut butter and jelly in our real lives, and even if we were to eat pb&j in our real lives, we wouldn't have chosen grape jelly. But at 1:30pm, after nearly 12 miles on the road and very little to eat, the Uncrustable was the most delicious and satisfying food imaginable. We relished them and, refreshed, headed back to the route. As we left, a class of kindergarteners from the school that hosted us stood along the route with letter signs that spelled out, "Thank You Walkers!" Nice.