Our 3-Day Story

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Camp was pretty amazing. We were cheered by crew on the way in, and made our way to the sleeping area, where we set up our tent and unpacked our gear. Spaghetti with meat sauce never tasted so good, and the salad and garlic bread helped fill us up before eating yummy cake for dessert. Having spent so long on the course, we didn't stay out for the evening's entertainment, opting for showers and early bedtime, instead, but we did hear the update on the day's events. A team of five walkers from Baton Rouge wasn't able to make it to Chicago for the event, but held their own 3-Day, complete with volunteers, pit stops and camps. They updated us on their progress live via cell phone. There was a little excitement at the showers, too, when a walker began to feel faint and Michelle Hoffman, M.D. was there to keep tabs on the situation until the medical crew could arrive. With the hub-bub over, we tucked ourselves in for a chilly night's sleep.