Our 3-Day Story

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The next morning came way too early. Tent walls are thin, and we could hear everything. Lynn, being a light sleeper, counted at least three different snorers in our vicinity, and someone in the tent next door must have been sleeping in a mylar blanket, because every time she moved, the rustling was obnixious. We dragged ourselves out of bed and had a hearty breakfast, then packed up our tents, bandaged our blisters, and hit the road. It was a beautiful morning, and as we walked along the Illinois Prairie Path, a rails-to-trails project, Sarah and Michelle passed the time by singing to one another. Lots of people asked us about our "We Celebrate K10" banners, so we told them about Michelle's friend, Kristen (K-ten, K10: get it?), who was diagnosed with breast cancer last month at age 29. Among other people, we walked for her.