Our 3-Day Story

Hall of Fame

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Alas, our beautiful day started to head downhill. Starting at Pit Stop 2, Lynn started to have a sore throat, stuffy nose and headache. Everyone was hydrating well, and thus had to use the toilet far more often than the port-a-potties cropped up. At lunch, we surveyed the damage. Lynn had hives starting on her feet and ankles, and Colleen's shoes were giving her typical trouble: hurting the tops of her feet if she tied them too tight, and giving her blisters if she tied them too loosely. Before Pit Stop 3, Lynn was already talking about having to give up for the day, and by the time we dragged ourselves into the stop, Colleen's foot problems and Sarah's general fatigue made them join Lynn on the bus back to Camp after 13.6 miles. We were so relieved to find that volunteers from a local school had already set up our tent and deposited our gear, and wearily made our way to the shower before heading to the Camp entrance to see Michelle in. She soldiered on where the rest of us could not, and completed the day's 21.6 miles.